From Total Despair to Total Confidence - Eurasia

MacvadOlga came to church through the witnessing of her nephew. Before that, she was deeply addicted and hopelessly dependent on alcohol. She was tormented by depression and the feeling of total despair. Because of her constant drinking her 9-year old daughter, Darina, was taken from her by local child services. When she lost her parental rights she had lost her final straw that was giving her strength to live.

In this condition of despair she came to our small Bible study group. We prayed and encouraged her with our own testimonies. We read the Bible and literature we had received from you. Slowly changes began to take place, step by step.

Olga was baptized. She has faithfully continued to attend every church service and she has completed the classes of spiritual growth. She has experienced setbacks, but despite internal feelings of condemnation, she nevertheless has been coming to church, praying and reading the Bible. Today – there is little left of the “Old Olga”. Today she is a confident woman, firmly trusting the Lord! By the grace of God, Olga is now a chef in a café. She received back her daughter and is actively involved in services of the church. Halleluiah! Thank you for your contribution towards transformed lives just like Olga’s.