Share God's Word with Cambodian Believers!

A church in every village. A Bible for every believer.

(Read the Christianity Today Article by Bob Craft)

Half of Cambodia’s 14,000 villages still have no church and no Bibles. Last year, we shared the vision and strategic plan our Cambodian team has to mobilize local believers to start a church in every single unreached village within the next 5 years.

Through your support and the team’s work, 794 new churches were started during the past year! We desperately need your help to continue this momentum and supply a Bible for every new believer. The Cambodia team needs us to provide 20,000 Bibles at a cost of $150,000 for the coming year.

Kiry Vannak*, a ministry team member whose previous religion involved trying to appease evil spirits, told us that the Bible was key in his journey with the Lord. A Cambodian Christian came to his village proclaiming the Gospel. After completing several Bible studies with the man, Vannak put his faith in Jesus and was baptized. He shares, “I decided to obey the command of Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:18-20 to go and preach the Gospel of salvation to all people.”

Thanks to ministry partners like Vannak, more than 58,000 people decided to follow Jesus last year! Our Cambodian team can’t keep up with the demand for Bibles. For every $150 given, you can help 10 new believers receive a Bible to help them grow in their faith.

Some of them may be the next Vannak, called by God to be part of the plan to start a church in every Cambodian village. A few decades ago, no one would have imagined this vision was possible, but with your help and God’s, it can be fulfilled!

Serving Christ Together,

Robert Craft

Founder and President


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Share God's Word with Cambodian Believers!

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