A Different Kind of Thanksgiving meal

When most of us think of Thanksgiving season, our minds go to family meals with turkey, dressing and trimmings. We often go around the dinner table and mention something for which we are thankful. But I do not think I have ever seen a more grateful group of people than the one I was with earlier this month.

I recently had the joy of celebrating the Lord’s Supper with believers in Thailand during a church planter training event. I would not normally have thought of a communion service as a sort of “thanksgiving” meal. But this time was different.
I was celebrating communion with many new Thai believers and leaders. I have never been in a communion service with more joy being expressed! Not only were they loudly exclaiming the goodness of Jesus, but they were also sobbing and weeping while thanking Him for setting them free from their past and giving them the hope of heaven. The broken bread and cup of grape juice had truly been received with gratitude and love.

They were grateful for a loving Savior, whom they had come to know when Thai Christians came into their villages with the Good News of Jesus. Most of these people had been living in one of the 70,000 villages in Thailand that have no local believers or local church.

Finally, someone had brought them the hope, joy and peace of the Lord Jesus. They no longer feared the spirits that had tormented them or the “karma” that could not be removed by countless ceremonies, self-discipline, or offerings made in an attempt to gain merit.

During this Thanksgiving, when you and your family “break bread” together, please remember those who are still waiting for the Good News to come to their villages. Thank God for your family, your church and a faith that brings such forgiveness, peace and blessings.

We at Reach A Village are thankful for all that God is doing, and that includes being thankful to all of you who pray for us and financially support the ministry!


Blessings in Christ,

Bob Craft

Founder and President