A Remarkable Legacy

I am sad to report that our dear friend and Cambodia Ministry Director Pastor Uong Vibol died from lung cancer on Feb. 28. Yet, while we mourn this great loss, we know that he is now rejoicing in heaven with his precious Lord, and has no doubt heard Him say, “Well done thou good and faithful servant!”

For over 20 years, Pastor Vibol made it his mission to spread the Gospel to as many of his fellow Cambodians as possible. He knew how the terror, suffering and genocide inflicted by Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge had left a sense of despair among his people. He said, “People are living without hope. I want to bring the Gospel of Jesus, the Gospel of hope, to our nation.”

And he did. Under Pastor Vibol’s leadership, the Cambodia ministry team shared the Good News with over 1 million people during the past five years alone. Nearly 245,000 of them chose to give up their idols and serve the one true God. In addition to the Savior’s greeting, I can’t help but think that Pastor Vibol received greetings in heaven from person after person who told him, “I am here because you obeyed God’s call.”

A couple years ago, God laid another calling on Pastor Vibol’s heart – to reach all of the 9,000 remaining unreached villages in Cambodia for Christ. This was his passion. He and his leadership team devised a national plan that, with full funding, could see the goal accomplished within the next five years. Already, they have reached over 1,000 of those unreached villages in the past two years.

This amazing man of God will be greatly missed, but I take comfort in the fact that part of the legacy he left behind is a strong leadership team that will continue to carry on the mission until all have had an opportunity to hear the Gospel message.

Pastor Vibol also leaves behind his wife, Panha, and their two children, Mark and Matthew. With his first wife, Soknim, who passed away in 2011, he was the father of Joshua, John, Philip, and Sarah.

Memorial gifts may be made by clicking the button below to help fulfill Pastor Vibol's vision of reaching every unreached village in Cambodia for Christ.

We appreciate your prayers for the family, the Cambodia ministry team, the Reach A Village staff, and all who are grieving this loss.

Thank you and God bless you all.

Serving Christ Together,

Bob Craft
Founder and President


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