Christianity Today Cover Story Features Reach A Village

We are excited to share that the Christianity Today April cover story "Making Missions Count" features interviews with Dwight Martin of CrossTies Asia, a ministry of Reach A Village, and with Bob Craft. We are so pleased for this opportunity to talk about the role new technology and national Christians, like our Thai ministry partners the Free in Jesus Christ Church Association (FJCCA), will play in the future of global missions.

New technology can show in real time where ministry needs are greatest and help bring organizations together to work toward Great Commission goals. The Harvest database, which is described in the article as “the most comprehensive national church database in the world,” was developed by Dwight’s team to aid the Thai Church’s national plan for strategic evangelism by mapping the locations of all churches in Thailand and identifying unreached villages.

Dwight’s research spurred a partnership with the FJCCA that has turned into a fast-growing church planting movement in unreached villages in Thailand. In just a year and a half, nearly 12,000 people have started their journey with Jesus and engagement in God’s Word through Bible study! Out of 13 mother churches, more than 400 house churches have been started since 2016.

Reach A Village plays a supporting role in the partnership, collaborating with the movement’s leaders to provide new Thai believers with the tools and resources they need to grow in their faith. Our ministry model is to come alongside local, indigenous Christians to help supply access to training, culturally appropriate study materials, and local language Scriptures so that they can reach their own people for Christ, nurture new believers, and start churches in unreached villages.

We believe that you will be inspired as you read this article and see how the Lord is working in new and different ways around the world! Please click here to view the article.