His Name Shall Be Called Jesus!

“Don’t be afraid!” he [the angel] said. “I bring you good news that will bring great joy to all people.” — Luke 2:10 (NLT2)

I love the Christmas season for many reasons! Most of all, I appreciate anew every year that believers around the world celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Jesus’ unique and timely birth was not an afterthought. It was part of our Creator’s grand plan to redeem the entire human race. His plan includes every single person from every place and ethnic group on earth.

Our Creator wants to have a redemptive relationship with everyone on earth. We call His plan, the Gospel, good news!

God’s loving, healing presence in our broken world is the only avenue of true peace, hope and healing. The Gospel is the exact opposite of the current meaning of pandemic.

A pandemic is a disease impacting pan (all) and demic (people). The Gospel of Jesus causes no universal pain and death. The Gospel offers hope and healing to all fallen, sinful humanity. Jesus also brings physical and emotional healing. This is really Good News and great joy to all people!

Mary didn’t know the full impact of the message that the angel brought to her. She didn’t know that her small act of obedience to God in faith would become a message that would literally be taken to the ends of the earth.

Thank you for being a partner with us to take the Good News to those who have never heard! Thank you for helping us provide God’s Word, with its encouraging promise of salvation in Jesus, to those who have put their trust in Him. May the Lord richly bless you this Christmas season and throughout the coming year.

Blessings in Christ,

Robert Craft
Founder and President

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