This Technology Will Change the World!

TechnologyThis groundbreaking technology absolutely has the ability to complete the Great Commission in our lifetime! 


Core Processor - Processes 100 million, million operations per second. For those of you who are trying to do the math with your supercomputer brain – that’s over 100,000 times more processing power than today’s cutting-edge supercomputer processor. It transmits 20 quadrillion bits of information per second.

Memory - The storage capacity for information in memory cells is approximately 2.5 petabytes. That is enough memory to store 300 years' worth of 24/7 television!

Cameras - The photoreceptors number more than 120 million, which MIT scientists believe can process entire images in as little as 13 milliseconds. The autofocus can sense exactly what you need it to see, and constantly adjust to what is just right for you.

Microphones and speaker - This technology is capable of a minimum audio projection of at least 123,205,750 words in over 7,000 languages.

Recording capabilities - It can record sounds wherever you are, for as long as you need to, and store these sounds for later recall. The listening devices are able to distinguish over 400,000 unique sounds.

Interactivity - It can converse with you, recite poetry, tell jokes, play games, read books, sing songs, make stories come alive, you name it! It can learn languages and translate them, immediately adapt to inflexion or duress in a voice, and actually read the emotional expressions of people and calculate the best response.

Fuel and energy use - Sixty thousand miles of circuitry make up the fuel- and energy-delivery system. This technology will last for decades and is fueled entirely from easily available renewable resources.

Portability - This technology can self-transport an average distance of 110,000 miles over its lifetime using a complex system of over 600 strands of flexible material. It can also be transported in any current mode of transportation without hindering its processing functionality. It can go wherever you go without ever having to be put in a luggage compartment.

This technology is a blend of the highest and latest findings in the field of science and a beautiful art form in its aesthetic design. It is without a doubt the most wonderfully made creation you will ever find, and it is exactly what we need in today's changing world. There is nothing else like it in the world, and there may never be. Scientists call it “Homo Sapiens.” That’s right!

God created humans so amazingly awesome and complete, with billions of parts that work together to help us understand and change the world around us. The human brain and the body it controls are the most phenomenal creations in the universe. Our brains have the memory capability of more than one billion PC hard drives, with more connections than there are stars in the universe. And, all of that memory capacity is stored in a mere three-pound unit!

Jesus said, “Go,” and the great majority of us have that ability to get up and walk to someone with the news of Jesus! When we cannot go physically, we can go in spirit, through prayer. This is the technology through which Jesus chooses to spread the Gospel to all the world.

Jesus said, “Look at the fields, they are white unto harvest.” We can’t even see with our naked eyes the millions of tiny neurons that allow us to lift our eyes and see the vast and teeming fields of billions of souls who need Christ.

Jesus said, “Give a cup of water in My name,” and we don’t even have to tell our muscles, nerves and bones what to do to grasp a cup and offer a drink to a parched wanderer or pick up a Bible and offer the Living Water to them.

Jesus said, “Pray that the Lord of harvest would send out workers.” And we don’t even have to tell our brains to form the words of a prayer on our lips. Our prayers pour forth from the cries of our hearts.

No computer or smartphone, headset or technology bracelet can ever replace what God has created us to do. Go, give, see, hear, understand, speak, heal, forgive, and live! Your world will never be the same. Now use your God-given technology to share Jesus with every living person, especially those who have never heard.

Article By Michele Norris Melton and Robert Craft

Photo used by permission- “Hand Touch Circuit Board” by watcharakun @