Eurasia Full MapEurasia encompasses 23 countries with more than 329 million people. There are atheists, Muslims, and many from the Orthodox religious tradition. Yet, across all of these countries, the average percentage of evangelical Christians is a tiny 1.8 percent. Thousands of villages don't even have an Orthodox church. The need compels us to provide Scriptures and training so that millions can experience the transforming power of Jesus Christ.

A vision for every Roma neighborhood to know the love of Jesus Christ

Population: 7,090,000

Percent Evangelical: 0.7%

Population in Unreached: 121,000

*Unreached People Groups: 6 out of 35 people groups are considered unreached

Religions: Serbian Orthodox, Catholic, Islam, Protestant Christianity, Judaism, Atheism

Ethnic Groups: Serb, Hungarian, Roma, Bosniak, Croat, Slovak, Czech, other ethnic minorities

Languages: Serbian (official), Hungarian, Bosnian, Romani, other ethnic languages

Reach A Village Ministries: Starting Local Churches, Children's Bible Ministry



Social transformation for the "Bible Belt" of this former Soviet nation

Population: 36,472,000

Percent Evangelical: 3.6%

Population in Unreached: 386,000

*Unreached People Groups: 28 out of 78 people groups are considered unreached

Religions: Orthodox, Ukrainian Greek Catholic, Roman Catholic, Protestant Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, ethnic religions

Ethnic Groups: Ukrainian, Russian, Roma, Ruthenian, Belarusian, Crimean Tatar, Moldovan, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Romanian, Polish, other ethnic minorities

Laguages: Ukrainian (official), Russian, Crimean Tatar, Moldovan, Hungarian, other ethnic languages

Reach A Village Ministry Programs: Starting Local Churches, Bible Study Ministry, Children's Bible Ministry


*Unreached People Groups are defined by Joshua Project as ethnic groups that have no significant presence of evangelical Christians among them - typically less than 2 percent - and lack the resources to evangelize their own people.



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