A Better Future

When Taimoor decided to divorce his wife and leave his Muslim life in Iran, he believed he and his son, Davar, had a better future waiting for them in Europe. So they began their journey. From Bulgaria to Serbia to Hungary, they searched for their dream life.

After a brief time in Bulgaria, Taimoor and Davar illegally crossed the border into Serbia. Authorities apprehended them and placed them in a shelter for migrants. God was waiting to meet them there. He sent Luka, a Bible teacher, to share the Gospel with them. Luka also helped find resources to meet their physical needs.

“Luka’s genuine concern stirred up a desire for us to learn more about God and His Word,” Taimoor says. “We couldn’t get enough of the Bible. Some of us in the shelter read it all night long! Then we would get up early to pray together.” He and his son believed in Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and they were baptized.

Some of the believers decided to escape from the shelter, but Taimoor stayed and began sharing the Gospel with new migrants who arrived. He even saw the power of God heal his son from a hearing loss.

God continued His miracles in Taimoor’s life when they moved on to a migrant shelter in Hungary. Taimoor’s talents as an artist gave him a way to share the Gospel with more people. A filmmaker heard about their story and produced what became an award-winning film about their life.

Taimoor and Davar continue to live in the shelter in Hungary. “God is using me to bring more people to Christ in ways I would have never dreamed,” Taimoor says. “I consider my current situation as a huge blessing from God.”