A Joyful Story

Before age 30, Mateusz had lost the battle with addiction many times. His father introduced him to alcohol when he was only 10 in his home country of Poland. Soon, addiction took over his life.

At age 18, Mateusz lost his father and spiraled into despair. His mother put him in a rehab facility, where he heard about Jesus. “I met many people with problems just like mine,” he recalls. “But they were kind and happy. They sang and prayed together. They told me how Jesus had changed their lives.”

As soon as he left the facility, Mateusz tried to drown his pain again. He spent the next three years in and out of treatment and jail. “I knew alcohol was killing me, physically and spiritually,” he says. “I no longer had control over anything.”

One day, Mateusz called out to God and asked God to change his life. Right after that, a police officer arrested him. Now, he is serving a four-year sentence in prison.

At the prison, Mateusz met Oskar. Together, they started a journey through the Gospel of John. “I joyfully share my story with everyone,” Mateusz says. “God has the power to straighten any winding path.”

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