An Open Heart

A teenager living in Cambodia, Bopha has already experienced many tragedies. She grew up in a Buddhist family and followed many rituals. She remembers helping Sophal, her mother, prepare food for a family shrine to please their ancestors.

When Sophal got sick, Bopha took her to see the local witch doctor because their family believed this was the only way to heal her. They spent a lot of money to get him to help her, but she kept getting worse.

One day in their village, a group came to Bopha’s house. “I listened to their story about Jesus and His unconditional love for me,” she says. “When they asked me if I was willing to open my heart to receive Him, I said yes!”

Then Bopha asked them to visit Sophal and share Jesus with her. Sophal was lying in bed, seriously ill. “The follower of Jesus went straight to her bed, put his hand on her head and prayed to Jesus for her healing,” Bopha says. “Suddenly, she sat up! Everyone was amazed! She and the rest of our family began following Jesus that day.”