Filled with Joy and Happiness

Sonisay didn’t have time to meet Jesus. Every day of her life was filled with serving her husband, caring for their three children and selling vegetables at her local market in Cambodia. Even as hard as she worked, she wasn’t making enough money to support her family. Then, she became ill with a disease that affected her joints.

“I found treatment services from the doctor, and I had to spend two weeks in the hospital,” Sonisay says. “But no healing came. All the treatment was useless.”

In February, 2020, Pastor Prak and Reasmey, his wife, came to her house. She was there that day because she was unable to sell at the market. They sat down together, and Sonisay asked why they had come. Reasmey told her they came to tell her about Jesus Christ.

That day, Sonisay heard about the wonderful God who created heaven and earth. She heard about Jesus Christ, who saves us from our sins and frees us from the evil spirits. And best of all, she heard about Jesus as our healer.

“I listened for 40 minutes,” Sonisay says. “Then I received Jesus Christ as my Savior and asked Him to heal me from my disease.” When Pastor Prak and Reasmey began to pray with Sonisay for her healing, she felt something touching her body and the pain going away. Immediately she began shouting her thanks to Jesus!

“Because of Jesus, I am filled with joy and happiness,” Sonisay says. “Everything is new for me. I have no more pain, no more suffering under the curse of the disease. I surrender to God and ask Him to use me however He wants to use me.”

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