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Connection. One thing we’ve learned in the last months is the value of connection. In person. By phone. Online. By mail and email. We’ve used the ways God has provided to stay connected in these times of separation.

Your partnership is helping more and more people connect with the life-giving love of Jesus Christ. And how do they make these connections? Through the power and truth of God’s Word in the Bible. Thousands of people need their own Bibles to help them meet and follow Jesus.

Each Bible costs just $7. Our ministry partners are ready to deliver those precious Bibles as they lead their people in Bible studies. Your continued support will help equip them for all of life’s challenges and battles! As the Apostle Paul instructs us, “Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.”

Will you join us in connecting more people with the truth of God’s Word? Your consistent and reliable support as a monthly donor would greatly bless our ministry partners in their outreach. You can provide Bibles every month to eager new believers by becoming a Village Impact Partner. Connect with local believers by filling this need for their spiritual growth.

To send more Bibles today, click the button below. Thank you for considering this urgent need!

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