Deciding To Follow Jesus

Even the Danube River in Romania is a place of baptism and new life in Jesus Christ! Just ask Izabela. She is one of nine people who accepted Christ earlier this year and were recently baptized in Europe’s second-longest river.

Izabela met Jesus because a group of believers, led by one of our ministry partners, began meeting in her village and studying the Bible together in 2018. The group grew, and soon they built a church where they could meet together regularly for worship, Bible study and prayer.

On a beautiful Saturday morning in 2021, a group of 100 followers of Jesus gathered in that church building. After two hours of lively, joyful worship, prayer and study of God’s Word, the group went to the Danube River together. There, Izabela and eight other believers declared their faith in Jesus Christ and their desire to serve Him. They were baptized that very day.

“I praise the Lord for Izabela’s baptism,” the church’s worship leader said. His eyes were filled with tears of joy. “She is my mother. I prayed for 13 years that she would make a decision to follow Jesus.”

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