Knowing God's Truth

Ediyan was born into a family of traditional Muslims in North Macedonia. His grandmother taught him about Islam and faithfully took him to the mosque. There he learned the traditions and beliefs. Eventually, he followed the ways of Islam.

At age 15, Ediyan moved with his family to a Gypsy Roma neighborhood. A Bible study group was meeting weekly across the street from their house. When the believers invited him to attend, he took a risk and joined them.

Instead of hearing the truth of the Gospel that night, however, Ediyan filtered everything he heard through his Islamic faith. Feeling hurt and offended by these new beliefs, he refused to return. In fact, he stayed away for an entire year — even when his new friends invited him again.

One day, he decided to accept their invitation. This time, he felt welcomed. With the help of group members, Ediyan learned more about Jesus and began to read God’s Word. Soon, he was standing up for his newfound faith in Jesus as the Messiah in the presence of other Muslims. “As the Gospel entered my life, I realized that faith in Jesus Christ was in my heart,” he says. “I’m committed to serving the one true God and my Savior.”

Today, Ediyan is one of our ministry partners and leads a team of believers who travel to nearby villages and share the Gospel. He leads two Bible study groups and looks forward to starting new churches in his area.

Ediyan adds, “Now that I know God’s truth, I want to tell everyone I meet about Jesus Christ.”

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