Faithful Through the Storm

Alida grew up in Serbia with no interest in God or faith. That changed a couple of years ago when she came to a bad place in her life as difficulties arose in her marriage. Her friend invited her to a church service. She immediately felt the warm, loving atmosphere and noticed demonstrations of sincere care among the people. Alida wanted to have what they had and kept returning. She decided to accept Jesus and allowed God’s Word to start transforming her thoughts, attitudes and behavior.

The real storm in Alida’s life came when her husband was unfaithful to her. Her only harbor in the eye of the storm was Jesus. He gave her strength to continue to pray, read His Word and hold on to His promises. This gave her a real determination to follow and serve Him. She forgave her husband and was ready to take him back, but he left with another woman.

Alida gradually healed from those wounds and committed to the promise she gave to the Lord: to serve Him and seek fulfillment in every area of life through Jesus Christ. Today, she ministers at a local church and is working to help start a new church in a neighboring area.

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