Fall 2021 Within Reach Praise Report

God’s timing is the only perfect timing. Find proof of that truth in Reach A Village’s Within Reach Praise Report for fall 2021.

Dishi* from China let go of Buddha as his god and then found Jesus. He experienced the love of God, just when he needed it most, through a group of Christ followers in Beijing.

Victor from Moldova received care from a Christian family when his own parents ignored him. He learned about Jesus because they spent time reading the Bible with him when he was unable to read it himself.

After 20 years of following Jesus, Feym shared the Gospel for the first time in his Muslim village. Iskra accepted Jesus because he shared with her.

These believers — and thousands of others — share the Gospel with the help of your financial support and prayers. We are blessed to partner with them and with you.

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*Due to security concerns, we have changed the name in this testimony.