Spring 2023 Within Reach Report: Encountering Jesus

Do you remember when you met Jesus? You may have been a child, wondering who this Bible character really was. You may have been dealing with a life experience that had no other answer except Jesus. You may have been ready to stop living and give up until Jesus touched you.

In the Spring 2023 edition of the Within Reach Praise Report, you will find testimonies from people who recently met Jesus. Their lives have changed forever, just as your life did:

• Rebecca from Serbia, who was so excited about knowing Jesus that she introduced three of her friends to Him, too.
• Sampan from Thailand, who first encountered Jesus in 2020 — when he was 70 years old!
• Larisa (above) from Moldova, who lost her husband but found eternal life in Jesus.

Together, let’s lift our praises to God for changed lives and lives that will be changed because of the faithfulness of Reach A Village’s ministry partners.

"All the nations you have made will come and worship before you, Lord; they will bring glory to your name." -Psalm 86:9 

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