Finding Joy and Hope in Jesus

When Zaklina of North Macedonia was in preschool, her mother heard the Good News and accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. She remembers other believers encouraging her mother to join a Bible study group. One of the greatest blessings for Zaklina was going with her mother and being part of a children’s Bible study group.

“I was attracted to the people in the stories our teacher shared from the Bible,” Zaklina recalls. “I wondered why God gave them new chances when they made mistakes. Through these stories, I learned that God is merciful and kind. Not just to the people in the Bible stories, but also to me.”

Zaklina grew up worshiping, praying, and studying the Bible with that community of believers. When she became a teenager, the youth Bible study meetings were very special to her. “I found a lot of joy and hope there,” she says. “Especially when I was going through the ups and downs of emotions in my teen years.”

At 18, Zaklina was baptized. “Now I joyfully trust in Jesus Christ!” she says. “And I am more engaged in spreading the Good News to my generation.”