Finding the Answer

In Armenia, 17-year-old Arman had a Christian teacher who would use examples or stories from the Bible to illustrate a point.

Arman was intrigued. He had many questions but was too embarrassed to ask his teacher. On the Internet, he found lots of information about different religions. But the answers he found did not settle his heart.

His younger brother was invited by a friend to attend a camp. One of the campers backed out at the last minute, so Arman joined in.

The first day of camp was filled with the usual camp activities: stories, games, singing, and snacks. On the second day, something changed. The words read from the Bible touched Arman’s heart. He heard that we are all sinners, that we need God’s forgiveness, and that we cannot be saved through our own effort (Ephesians 2:8-9). He became quite unsettled as he started to think about this. One of the camp leaders sensed that Arman was troubled. They talked together for a long time, and Arman asked his questions and heard all of the answers he had been searching for.

He accepted Jesus as his Savior and Lord. He now meets with the leader regularly to talk and study God’s Word together.

Arman will be back at camp again – but this time, as a leader! 

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