Following the Leader to the Right Place

Anuson* was living in darkness as he tried to make sense of his life in Laos. He worshipped plants, animals and objects, believing that they had spiritual powers. His children were disobedient and refused to help in their home. They missed school often and began to spend more time with their friends.

Then, Anuson became ill and didn’t know where to turn. “I had no hope for my life,” he says. “I didn’t know there was a real God.”

Anuson also didn’t know that his son had been learning about Jesus from a friend. “I saw my son carrying a Bible and a booklet,” he says. “I didn’t like it, and I told him he couldn’t go to the Bible study with his friend. My son disobeyed me and went anyway.”

One day, Anuson saw a booklet on his son’s bed. He picked up the booklet and read it. There, he found the answers he was looking for. The next time his son left the house, Anuson followed his son. They came to a place where people were singing, and Anuson saw his son join the group and sing with them. He stayed to hear the lesson from the Bible, too.

“That night, I heard that God loves everyone,” Anuson says. “Whoever believes in Him and accepts Jesus will live forever. I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior before I went home.”

Now, Anuson and his family gather with other believers every Sunday. Every evening, he leads a Bible study at his house. “I feel so glad because all of my family now believe in Jesus,” he says. “Last week, my three neighbors came and heard about Jesus. I hope they will believe in Jesus one day.”

*The name in this testimony has been changed due to security concerns.