Freedom in Christ

Khine was living as a Buddhist monk in Myanmar. One day, he suffered a stroke and was paralyzed. His followers took him to a special clinic for treatment. But even with the best treatment available, he wasn’t getting better.

Feeling desperate, Khine told one of his followers, “I have heard about those Christians. People say that when they pray, anything can happen. Please take me to see them.”

Khine’s friend carried him through their village to a house church meeting. The pastor and the people welcomed them — even though they were surprised to see them. They prayed for Khine to recover. That night, God healed Khine, and everyone there witnessed an awesome miracle of God.

Khine began to attend the house church meetings and hear more about Jesus Christ, His death and resurrection, and how to have a personal faith in God. “This was the first time in my life that I heard about Jesus,” he says.

Soon, Khine asked Christ to be his Savior. He continues to face a difficult challenge as a Christian in a country where Buddhism dominates. But he never loses heart or gives up. He loves to explain to his followers about the only God and about Jesus who died to set them free.

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