God Always Loves Me

Phrok in Cambodia didn’t even realize the trouble he was in. He spent all the money he earned on alcohol.

“I made my wife cry every day,” he says. “I wasn’t even there with her the day our son was born. I left her to take care of him while I was drinking. When I came home, I was mean to them. Our house was filled with wickedness.”

Phrok became ill because of his drinking. “At the hospital, I met a believer in Jesus,” he says. “Her pastor and friends came to pray with her every day.”

One day, Phrok began crying. The pastor asked what was wrong, and Phrok confessed the trouble he had caused his family. “When the pastor told me God always loves me and that Jesus has saved me from my sin, I cried harder,” Phrok says. “The pastor prayed for me, and I felt a knock on my heart. That was when I accepted Jesus as my Savior.”

Phrok’s wife divorced him and took their son away. He keeps believing in Jesus. “I prayed for healing from this disease, and I thank God because He totally healed me,” he says. “I know God hears my prayers. Nothing is impossible for Him.”

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