God is There for You

When Akara met Pastor Boran, she was living in confusion. Her childhood faith in unknown gods was empty. Her husband, whom she loves, quarreled with her almost every day. She was lost in stress and emotional pain. Pastor Boran invited her to come to a meeting in their Cambodian village. He told her she would find the answer to her problems.

Akara needed some answers and relief, so she decided to go to the meeting. “I met many people there,” she says. “I heard testimonies of faith from leaders of our village, elders, young people and children. Then they began to teach me about Jesus.”

Even though she heard about how God was working in these people’s lives, she still wasn’t sure about God. Then one night, her daughter woke at midnight with severe stomach pain. She and her husband were afraid because no medical care was available close by. 

“I prayed and pleaded with God to heal her,” Akara says. “We were amazed! In just a few minutes, she fell asleep and slept until sunrise. We are grateful and praise the Lord Jesus Christ for healing her in her time of need.” 

That morning, Akara ran to see Pastor Boran and shared with him about how God had healed her daughter. “That’s when we started to trust Jesus,” she says. “We accepted Him as our Savior and were baptized soon after that. I hope my testimony of faith will touch you. I truly believe God is there for you any time you are in trouble.”

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