I Love Telling Others About Jesus

Dahil understands village life in his home country of Bulgaria. He grew up in a village and knows from experience what the residents are facing each day. “I love telling others about Jesus,” he says. “I want all the people of my country to know Him as their Lord and Savior. That is where they will find the hope they need.”

Despite the restrictions and sheltering in place orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic this year, Dahil stays in touch with believers in his home village. He continues to care for their spiritual needs to the best of his ability. The newly planted church there now has more than 20 regular members, and he has already baptized 10 of them.

Dahil’s strong desire to share the Gospel often takes him away from his village. He and another local ministry leader travel together on many trips. This year, they led meetings with local believers in several villages and trained them in how to share the Gospel where they live.

As they were returning from one of these meetings, they took a God-directed detour to visit an isolated mountain village of 5,000 people. “Most of the people there are Muslims,” Dahil says. “But we know the only believer in the village. He is the most respected and well-known man living there. We had shared the Gospel with him several months earlier. Now, he is leading a Bible study group in his home.”

Thanks to the tireless work of faithful believers, the Church is growing in Bulgaria. Even the father of the country’s president accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior because of Dahil’s ministry outreach to his people. “We are thankful that he knew the Lord before his passing,” Dahil says. “God takes what we give to Him and uses all for more good than we can imagine.”

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