Joy Comes to the Life of a New Believer

Kunthea lives with her mother in a Cambodian village. Now in her 30s, Kunthea understands too well the conditions of poverty. She and her mother struggle every day to survive. At least 12 percent of their country’s population is living below the poverty line; and 62 percent lives in inadequate, one-bedroom housing. 

“I am illiterate,” Kunthea says. “We are so poor that even our neighbors ignore us. We have many debts. We don’t have enough money to shop at the grocery store.”

Imagine the joy Kunthea experienced when Pastor Chhay — one of Reach A Village’s ministry partners in Cambodia — first told her about Jesus! “When I heard about the salvation, love and forgiveness I could find with Jesus, something touched my heart,” she says. “I asked Pastor Chhay what I should do to be saved. We prayed together, and I accepted Jesus as my Savior and Lord. He also baptized me that day.”

Kunthea and her mother are seeing many changes in their lives because of Jesus. “My family's condition is getting better,” she says. “I always pray to God. He always fills our needs. He is helping me to become free from debt. My mother and I are healthy enough for daily life. Best of all, now I am freed from sin. I thank God for what He has done for me.”

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