Loving God Even More

Artash is 16 years old and one of eight children in his family. Most of them have some mental challenges, and Artash attended a special elementary school. His father has a job but is also a heavy drinker. Sometimes the children are seen at the local market, exchanging empty bottles for candy.

Two years ago, Artash began attending Sunday School in his neighborhood in Armenia. When he had the opportunity to attend summer camp, he was excited to go. He realized his formal education was over because of his disabilities, but he wanted to learn more about Jesus.

In Sunday School and at camp, Artash especially enjoyed the craft activities. His reading skills are low, but his ability to work with his hands and his creativity are two of his strengths. As he found acceptance, he began to help the teachers with the younger children.

During Sunday School, you would probably see Artash’s excitement for serving the Lord as he calls the children and gathers them together for activities. You would see him operating the computer to play the songs for the children to sing.

One of his teacher says, "I am blessed by Artash’s willing heart. He loves Jesus.” Even with his mental challenges, Artash understands that God's Word is true and that the Bible is God’s Word. At Sunday School and summer camp, he learned to love God even more.

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