Ministry For The Body and Soul

Ministry in Ukraine in 2023 is mainly directed toward regular support for those who are living in de-occupied territories and those who are forced to flee their homes due to the war. Many have lost everything they ever had.

Following the occupation of Ukraine by the Russian army, most churches and charitable organizations are trying to help these people start their lives from scratch, in a new place, or to pick up the leftover pieces of their previous lives. Many are joining forces to accomplish more by working together.

In summer 2022, Reach A Village’s ministry partners in Ukraine began working with several other organizations to help residents of the Kherson region. Today, this is one of the most affected regions of Ukraine in which volunteers still have access.

Having survived the Russian occupation and the flood that occurred after the destruction of the Kakhovka dam, people in the Kherson region are trying to go on with their lives in brutal conditions. Without electricity, sewers, drinking water, and even basic supplies from pharmacies and shops, people move to other areas or stay at home. But they are always lacking the most necessary supplies, such as food, hygiene products, water and clothes.

Organizations and volunteers continue to look for opportunities to help the people of the Kherson region. “Seeing the people's suffering, hopelessness and emptiness, we know that the most important thing in life is for them to have the Word of God and a chance for forgiveness from the Lord,” says one of Reach A Village’s ministry leaders. “So we are providing 1,300 New Testaments for them. Each box of food and hygiene products that we distribute also contains a New Testament and a brochure about Bible studies for adults and children. Each family is receiving help for the body (cereals, pasta, tea, canned food, sunflower oil, toothpaste, shampoo and wet wipes) and also help for the soul from the Word of God.”

Volunteers who are distributing these boxes share these comments with us.

"People are grateful that they are not forgotten in such difficult times.”

“People are expressing their gratitude for the New Testament and say that only God can help them survive everything they have seen and experienced. Without God, there is no strength.”

“We see people hug the New Testament to their chests with tears in their eyes. Only in God is there comfort and hope for them.”

“We are grateful to the Lord for providing opportunities through the Scriptures to serve those going through the valley of tears today in Ukraine.”