Not Alone Anymore

Mariam (center) is a mother, a grandmother and a widow in Armenia. After her husband’s death and her son’s move to another country, life became very difficult for her.
One day, Mariam was very sick and couldn’t even get out of bed. “I called out to God,” she says. “I asked Him to please send someone to help me because I didn’t want to die alone.” Then she fell asleep.
When she woke, Gayane, her neighbor, was standing by her bed. “God sent Gayane to me that day,” she says. “She gave me tea and told me about Jesus. For days, she cared for me and did everything she could to help me.”
When Gayane invited Mariam to study God’s Word with a group in their neighborhood, Mariam agreed to join them. For the first time in her life, Mariam discovered what being a child of God is like. She decided to give her fears and her life to Jesus as her Lord and Savior.
“I am not alone anymore,” she says. “My brothers and sisters in Christ are my family now. How glad I am that I know Jesus and have my own Bible.”

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