Open the Eyes of My Heart

Rumena lives a very simple life. At 73 years old, she spends most days tending to her garden, chatting with friends, and occasionally walking to the market in her small Bulgarian village.

One day, a pastor and a small group from his congregation came to Rumena’s village. They showed a Christian film and talked about faith and God. They passed out a free Bible study book to those who had attended.

When the group returned the following week to visit the many people they had met, Rumena had only finished half of the book. She could not read it on her own because her eyesight was so bad due to cataracts. She relied on her dear friend to come and read it aloud to her.

The pastor encouraged the women to continue reading together as there were more books to follow. When they read the second book, Rumena’s heart was deeply moved by the God she discovered in the pages. The eyes of her heart had been opened. 

Rather than wait for the pastor to return, Rumena called him herself. She wanted to pray with the pastor and ask Jesus to be her Savior. After they finished praying, the pastor inquired, “What would you like to ask God to do in your life?” Rumena responded that she would like to be able to see so that she could read herself. The pastor prayed again and asked for healing of her eyes.

The next day, Rumena discovered that the cataracts were gone and her sight was restored! She still requires reading glasses, but now she can read the books and the Bible she received on her own. She gives all glory to God. He not only opened the eyes of her heart, He returned her physical sight!

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