Reaching the Romani

Daniel is 25 years old and the pastor of a church in Romania. His greatest desire is to bring transformation and healing to the Romani people, who make up about 3.5 percent of Romania’s population.

In Daniel’s village, the Romani struggle to feed and clothe their children. They often sleep with as many as 10 family members in a single room. Many of the men work in other countries to support their families.

The church where Daniel is serving began under the leadership of his father-in-law. “My father-in-law took me with him to training sessions about how to gather believers together for worship, prayer and Bible study,” Daniel says. “When he passed away last year, I was ready to take over as pastor. Our church continues to grow.”

Daniel knows that the best way to reach the people of his community is to find out about their needs and then help address those needs. During his ministry, he has shared the Gospel with alcoholics, drug addicts and criminals. “I refuse to let fear stop me,” he says. “I have seen God change many hearts. When others ask how this could possibly happen, I point them to Jesus.”

Children in the community are receiving God’s Word in both Romanian and English. “Learning English opens many doors for young people in this community,” Daniel says. “Having God’s Word in both languages addresses a major need in their lives. They are more willing to read and study it.”

Daniel adds, “Even though the needs of our community remain great, my desire for everyone here to know Christ is greater. I want them to know the living God and have a personal relationship with their Savior and Lord.”

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