Saving the Soul and Spirit

Vithu in Cambodia was carrying the weight of the hopeless struggles in his life. His granddaughter was causing serious trouble in their family. His body was weak, and he could find no relief from his sickness.

Consulting a fortune teller, Vithu paid a lot of money to hear: “You have done wrong to your ancestral spirits, and you must please them.” He followed the instructions given, offering food to the evil spirits and participating in a ceremony to worship them. His sickness only became worse, and Vithu was certain he was going to die.

One day, Ponlok, a follower of Jesus, came to visit. He asked, “Do you want to hear the Good News that can save your soul and spirit?” When Vithu said yes, Ponlok told him about Jesus. Vithu gave his life to Jesus that day.

“My life is filled with love, and I want to tell everyone about Jesus,” Vithu says. “I even shared the Good News with my granddaughter.”

Vithu prays for his family and his country every day. He says, “I want Jesus to change them, just like he is changing me.”

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