Scoring the Ultimate Goal

Reach A Village ministry partners are hard at work in North Macedonia! We joyfully share this recent testimony of a life changed and the impact one person can make for God's glory. May your heart be encouraged by the good things God is doing around the world.

Despite being in the early stages of development, the local church in the town of Radovish is vibrant and actively engaged in outreach efforts. Through weekly children's activities, they reach young people, their parents, and grandparents with the Gospel message. It's exciting to hear about events like the one at the public library, where a famous soccer player shared his personal journey of faith and the challenges he faced in his career. His story of overcoming pressure, depression, and other obstacles with the help of Jesus is truly inspiring, especially for those in similar positions of public scrutiny.

If you have partnered with Reach A Village, you are helping make testimonies like this possible. Thank you for your faithfulness and generosity!