Seek First His Kingdom

Six times in prison. Drugs, alcohol, tobacco use. Attempted suicide. Gleb in Russia fell into the pit of despair. At age 34, he knew he was fighting a battle, but he thought the enemy was himself.

During his most recent time in prison, a ray of light and hope touched Gleb. A group of our ministry partners was allowed to come inside the prison and lead Bible studies. At first, he was curious about what these people were doing there. So he went to a meeting to find out. Then he attended again. And again.

“I learned that there is hope for my life,” Gleb says. “One evening, I went for a walk by myself. That was when God touched me and changed my life. I saw that God is alive. I’m seeing him perform miracles in my life. Glory to God!”

Soon, Gleb began praying to his Lord and Savior. He and other inmates met together for worship and prayer. “God opened the gates of our personal prisons,” he says. “The Word of God became the real truth to all of us. Now we can fight the enemy of God.”

While he was in prison, Gleb was very worried about his family. Then he learned that the local believers who continued to come and teach the inmates were also teaching the inmates’ families about God. That’s when he was sure about the grace of God.

On the day Gleb was released from prison, some of his brothers in Christ came to help him. “I was met, dressed, shoed, given everything I needed in abundance,” he recalls. “I have never had so much. But most importantly, I now have salvation and a family in Christ. All my past liberations do not compare to the freedom I now have in knowing God.”

Gleb continues to live in the truth of Matthew 6:33, “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

In the top left corner, you will see his handwritten testimony. Praise the Lord!

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