Spring 2024 Within Reach Report: Never Too Old Or Young

Tell it to your children, and let your children tell it to their children, and their children to the next generation” (Joel 1:3).

Children are having a greater and greater impact in sharing the Gospel in the villages of our world. Maybe they are more receptive to the simplicity of the Gospel message. Maybe they have more enthusiasm when they find out about the difference Jesus makes in their lives. Maybe they refuse to be shy about sharing the most important message they will ever share. Or maybe they are experiencing all that and more through the work of the Holy Spirit.

At Reach A Village, we continue to hear stories about how God is empowering children to change lives and grow His Kingdom. In the Spring 2024 edition of the Within Reach Praise Report, you will read three of these stories.
• In Russia, four mothers came to a Bible study group meeting because their children told them about the life-changing love of Jesus.
• In Bulgaria, a boy invited two ministry leaders to come to his aunt’s home for lunch. His aunt invited them to return for dinner so she could learn more about God’s love.
• In Armenia, Marta (above right) found the calling God had placed on her life when she attended a Bible study group for teens.

Consider how God saved our world by sending His Son as a baby in a manger. Jesus grew from a child into a man who devoted his earthly life to making sure people heard the Good News about God’s saving grace and love. God still uses children who grow into men and women to share that same Good News today.

Thank you for supporting Reach A Village’s ministry partners, ministry leaders and local believers as they share the Gospel with children and their families. Together, we will lead unbelievers into knowing more about God’s Word and more about our Savior, Jesus.

Welcoming all who need to know,

 Bob circle

Bob Craft
Founder and President


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