Taking the Fear Out of War

When she was a child, Olga learned about God from her neighbors. They shared Bible study materials from Reach A Village with her family. “I remember the gatherings with my neighbors,” she says. “We read and studied the Bible together. During those studies, God’s Word became clear to me. But when I tried to do what was written, I couldn’t. I feared I would ask God for forgiveness, and then I would still sin again.”

Later, Olga’s father repented and became a Christian, and he told her even more about God. She liked hearing about the good God, but she didn’t like thinking about her sins. She always found a reason why she couldn’t ask God for forgiveness.

When the war in Ukraine began in February 2022, everything changed for her. “I couldn’t stop wondering about where I would end up if I died,” she says. “Then, I repented of my sins and asked God for help.”

Olga’s life has changed since she asked God for forgiveness. “I did not expect change to be so easy,” she says. “Now, I believe in God, and I am not so afraid of this war. I know I am a child of God. Before, whenever friends called and invited me to study the Bible with them, I looked for excuses not to go. Now, I can’t wait for these meetings. Reading the Bible and understanding who God is are great joys for me. I thank God that He does not leave me and allows me to serve Him."

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