The First Believer in the Village

Nazar had seen the Bible. His parents had even given him a Bible when he was young. But throughout his life, he had never read the Bible.

One weekend, Nazar went to visit his elderly mother who lived in another village in Moldova. While there, a woman came to visit and help his mother. “She surprised me by inviting me to read and study the Bible with her and her friends that evening,” he says. “I was intrigued by this invitation, so I agreed to go.”

That night, God’s Word became a bright spark of light in the darkness of Nazar’s life. “I read the Bible all night long,” he says. “I did not understand all of it. The next day, God directed me to gather with this group of believers again. I asked many questions about what I had read.”

When Nazar returned to his village, he discovered that a group of Christ followers lived in a nearby village. Each week, he took public transportation to go and study with them. During the days between, he studied the Bible to learn more about God and what God wanted him to do.

“With God’s help, I believed His truth and soon was baptized,” Nazar says. “I am His child. And I am the first follower of Jesus in my village. Now, I am helping people I know to read the Bible and learn God’s truth.”

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