Vera Finds the Lord in Ukraine

Life in a village in Ukraine has always been difficult. Vera knows this firsthand. She was born and raised in a village in the Kyiv region. She studied in another town, returned home, married, and had children, just like everyone else. But there were always questions in her soul - who created nature and animals so beautifully? Who arranged everything in the world to function and complement each other?

When Covid-19 hit, life in Zgurovka village changed. The village died out - people sat at home and did not communicate with anyone or go anywhere. Tragically, Vera's husband died of Covid. She was left alone; her children were already adults with their own families and lived far away. Her health was failing after suffering from COVID-19 herself.

Vera began to think more and more often about God, but there was no one to answer her many questions. One day, Vera's neighbor told her that the new postwoman was a Christian. But Vera didn't meet her because she didn't receive mail. The night when the war in Ukraine began in February 2022, Vera called her children and told them not to come back for her but to go to Western Ukraine. Her children even left Ukraine, and she was left alone. The war united all the villagers - they began to help each other and share medicines and food. When no bread was brought to the village (battles were nearby), the neighbor called Vera and told her that some Christians were distributing bread. The neighboring villages were liberated, the enemy left, and life continued.

Being alone for long periods, Vera began talking to God, whom she did not know. Winter came, and snow covered Vera's yard. She did not have the strength to shovel the snow, at least so that she could get to the garden gate. One day when Vera looked outside, she saw a woman who had cleared the snow and was carrying a food box for her.

"What is your name, and who told you I need help to shovel the snow in my yard?" Vera asked the woman.

"My name is Lyudmila, and I work at the post office. I love God and try to help the people who need that," replied the woman kindly.

Vera began to cry. God had sent her someone who could answer all her questions. The two women talked for a long time. Lyudmila gave her a New Testament. For Vera, this was a great happiness. Now she could read about God and about the life of Jesus Christ. And Lyudmila taught her to pray. Vera asked God for forgiveness for her sins. Now she has answers and is glad God is near to help and support her. Lyudmila visits Vera regularly, and together, they read the New Testament.