Where Two or Three or More Gather

When believers gather together for worship, prayer, and Bible study, God is in their midst. Pastor Boris believes that, and so does Pepa.

Believers in Pepa’s village in Bulgaria had allowed themselves to scatter and forget about their faith. When Pastor Boris found a building in the center of their village where they could meet, he invited them to come back to one another and to the Lord.

“I was so happy to find this group of believers,” Pepa says. “I found God’s love again because of them.”

For five years, Pepa had suffered with cancer. She had also undergone several chemotherapy treatments. Coming to this group of believers one day, she shared her need for God’s healing and her desire to have good health again. Pastor Boris and everyone in the church prayed for her, asking for God’s mercy upon her.

A few days later, Pepa went to the doctor for a check-up. “The doctor could find no sign of the cancer in me!” she says. “God has delivered me from this sickness!”

News about Pepa’s healing spread quickly among residents of the village. Many who were far from the Lord or did not yet know Jesus began to seek Him. “We have already seen several people accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior,” Pepa says. “Together, we are glorifying God.”

*The photo shows Pastor Boris leading a prayer service.

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