Wayne Evans

Wayne Evans, a board member for Reach A Village, was brought up in a non-Christian home, but his father taught him the value of hard work. He founded a company in his parents’ garage as a teenager and eventually grew it into a Silicon Valley business, providing hundreds of commercial clients with electronic automatic fire alarm systems. Despite his success, Wayne always felt there was something missing.

Then, Wayne provided funding to drill a water well in Africa, and the Christian organization invited him on a trip to Nairobi, Kenya. He accepted Christ during the trip. After he returned, he dedicated the business to the Lord and to supporting ministries serving the poor and the lost. Over the years, he has visited ministry locations in 12 different countries.

“The Lord was calling me to focus more on heaven. No matter what we do in the here and now, if people don’t end up in heaven, it’s really all for naught. It’s obvious to me that Reach A Village is focused on heaven and effective evangelism,” Wayne remarks. “Financial integrity is also extremely important to me, and Reach A Village is committed to financial accountability as one of its core values.”