An Inside Look

an inside lookBuddhism, Hinduism, Islam, atheism and spirit worship are deeply entrenched in many of the areas where we minister. Billions of unreached people are waiting in darkness for the Light of Christ. They are hungering for the hope and truth that can be found in the pages of God’s Word.

When the Gospel arrives in their villages, it is not enough for them to merely decide to accept the Lord Jesus. Because of their cultural and religious background, the Christian faith is something new and foreign to them. Being able to read the Bible themselves and be involved in study with someone from their country who understands the culture is crucial for spiritual growth.

Every time a new church is started, the demand for training, Bibles and materials increases. Local churches in developing countries need our assistance to keep up with these demands and continue expanding outreach and discipleship.

Training is made available to local churches that desire to start small-group Bible studies for evangelistic or discipleship purposes.

  1. An experienced trainer teaches local church members how to guide those seeking to believe or new believers through studies in the Scriptures that will strengthen their faith and encourage them in following Jesus Christ.
  2. Bible study booklets containing a series of prepared lessons that are culturally relevant and in the local language are provided for new people involved in small-group Bible studies held by the local churches.
  3. These small-group Bible studies prepare new believers to receive their first copy of a Bible or New Testament in their language.
  4. Bible study participants are equipped for continued engagement in further personal, family or small-group Bible study.

Bible studies are also held in settings such as prisons, hospitals and refugee camps.

When unreached people are exposed to the Bible in their language, it is an amazing experience for them. It helps new believers to better understand the Scriptures, stand firm in their faith despite opposition, and share the Good News with their family and friends.

Shway Thura in Myanmar stated, “When I opened up the Bible and read it, the words seemed alive to me and almost like they were jumping off the pages with joy to fill my heart. I couldn’t wait to tell my friends about how Jesus delivered me and saved me from my sins.”

Each Bible placed into the hands of a new believer will continue to have an impact on their life and the lives of others around them for years to come! The number of Christ-followers is growing daily in many areas as a result of these Bible outreach ministries led by local churches.

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