After about 2,000 years of Christian missions, why are there still approximately 1 million villages that have no church and no believers? These are the forgotten and neglected, unreached people numbering well over 1 billion souls! Will the Gospel ever reach them? Not unless someone locates them and takes the Gospel to their village. That’s where the Reach A Village team and our Harvest Mapping Project provide strategic help.

Reach A Village is partnering with local churches and Christian ministry organizations in an exciting endeavor to develop coordinated national strategies to bring the Good News to unreached villages. We are utilizing Harvest Mapping and Research software to compile comprehensive national databases of existing churches and identify areas that do not yet have a church.

Once an unreached area is located, Reach A Village will assist and encourage local churches and mission groups to train, equip and mobilize people to reach these neglected villages. Countries already using the Harvest system have found it to be an effective tool to zero in on overlooked areas and mobilize partners to reach them.

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