Research and Mapping

Mapping Technology Helps Reach Villages!

Reach A Village has a single focus: reaching unreached people with the Good News about Jesus. Locating the unreached villages is crucial for this mission.

Ministry partners worldwide use everything from hand-drawn maps to digital images for locating existing villages that have no believers and no churches. They continue to be deeply engaged in training and mobilizing more local believers to go out and establish new churches.

Now, data and GPS specialists are working to create dynamic maps for each country. These maps show church locations and vast areas still without churches. This information helps Reach A Village focus people and resources on places where the Gospel has not yet gone.

A new database — “First-fruits” — will help local believers increase their effectiveness. We have an early version of this tool to track their activities, events and interactions with the people they reach as they share the Gospel in each village. Our ministry partners are now better able to keep up with the people and places reached with the Good News. Pray that the Lord will provide the resources needed to complete this project.

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