Romania Summer Camp Project

Children in Romania have encountered many difficulties during the nation’s history. In the 1980s, under the rule of a dictator, an estimated 20,000 children died in children’s homes. Today, violent behavior toward children in families is often seen as “normal” in their culture.

Our ministry partners are committed to making sure children hear the Gospel. George, a pastor and church planter, is one of those ministry partners, and we have worked with him for over 20 years. He ministers to special needs and disadvantaged children, as well as their parents, through a summer camp.

Three years ago, George stepped out in faith and purchased a plot of land near the edge of a stream with animals and plants all around — a stark contrast to the drudgery and poverty of many people’s lives. They have already hosted some families over the past few year, but they need help to fulfill their dream and vision.

"We share the Gospel with the kids and parents,” George says. “They open their hearts in sorrow, and they receive God’s grace and encouragement. This is the direction we want to invest our lives. We need others to invest with us.”

Your support will help them improve the facilities, allow children to attend at no cost and purchase additional land for outdoor activities. Please pray and ask God how you can help with this wonderful project.

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