Stories of Transformation through Christ!

More than one million villages still have not heard the Gospel. You can help us reach as many as possible. People, just like these, are waiting to be transformed by Christ.

Every village that is reached results in amazing stories of transformation through the power of Jesus Christ. These are real stories of real people.  


Aye Le May in Myanmar was raised by Muslim parents, who instilled in her a strong faith in Allah from a young age. She was married at 20, and at first all went well. Then, the family business went from bad to worse. They went bankrupt in 2017, and her husband went on trial.

“I felt sad, I was angry with myself, and I felt hopeless,” Aye Le May says. “It finally dawned on us that we were headed either to jail or to the grave. In my great distress and depression, a former co-worker told me that I could find answers to all my questions in the Bible.” Aye Le May willingly listened and accepted an invitation to her home to hear more.

Her friend shared about Jesus Christ and gave Aye Le May a New Testament. When she heard that Jesus has the power to deliver and to bless, Aye Le May devoured the book and was eager to learn more. They studied together twice a week, with each session lasting about two hours!

Aye Le May was thrilled by what she was learning from the Bible. This God doesn’t just reveal His will; He reveals Himself in the person of Jesus Christ, the only sinless one, who paid the penalty of death on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins. In Islam, prophets can only show the way; they cannot rescue someone. No prophet can die in our place. Aye Le May could hardly believe that God would send His Only Son to be her Savior.

“Turning to the living Savior brought me inner peace and joy. But the situations around me actually got worse, not better,” Aye Le May shares. “I was lonely and afraid. Nevertheless, the Lord Jesus gives me hope for greater things.”

Later, Aye Le May’s youngest daughter developed an incurable kidney problem. “The doctor said it was hopeless, and we should prepare to lose her. They told us to call on a spirit priest or Mullah for her last hour and comfort,” she tells. “Instead, I went to the hospital with my Christian sister. We both held the hands of my daughter and spent the whole night praying for her in the name of Jesus Christ. The next morning, she was much better and her body started to function normally again. The Lord Jesus has been so good to us! He is alive, gracious and brought real transformation to our lives.”

Rumena lives a very simple life. At 73 years old, she spends most days tending to her garden, chatting with friends, and occasionally walking to the market in her small Bulgarian village.

One day, a pastor and a small group from his congregation came to Rumena’s village. They showed a Christian film and talked about faith and God. They passed out a free Bible study book to those who had attended.

When the group returned the following week to visit the many people they had met, Rumena had only finished half of the book. She could not read it on her own because her eyesight was so bad due to cataracts. She relied on her dear friend to come and read it aloud to her.

The pastor encouraged the women to continue reading together as there were more books to follow. When they read the second book, Rumena’s heart was deeply moved by the God she discovered in the pages. The eyes of her heart had been opened. 

Rather than wait for the pastor to return, Rumena called him herself. She wanted to pray with the pastor and ask Jesus to be her Savior. After they finished praying, the pastor inquired, “What would you like to ask God to do in your life?” Rumena responded that she would like to be able to see so that she could read herself. The pastor prayed again and asked for healing of her eyes.

The next day, Rumena discovered that the cataracts were gone and her sight was restored! She still requires reading glasses, but now she can read the books and the Bible she received on her own. She gives all glory to God. He not only opened the eyes of her heart, He returned her physical sight!

Kannika in Thailand was only 19 years old, but her life was quickly unraveling. Her husband was addicted to drugs and physically abusive. He forced her to use drugs as well, and she, too, became addicted. Kannika was so despondent that she didn’t want to live anymore. She felt trapped.

“One day, after my husband hurt me, I fled to my mother's house,” Kannika shares. “There, I met the village’s leader, and he talked with me. I told him about my suffering. He invited me to his home that evening to hear about Jesus. I decided to believe in Jesus. I prayed to Jesus for a new life and asked Him to help me stop using drugs.

“Amazing! Jesus healed my broken heart and helped me to stop using drugs. I have a new life. I can smile again. I now have a job to earn money myself. Thank you, Jesus! If I did not have the opportunity to hear the Gospel, I would not have a new life. I have received salvation, forgiveness from Jesus. I find true peace in my life with Jesus protecting my life. I will follow Him forever!”

Duong Mey in Cambodia was contemplating suicide when Phan Sathea came to bring the Gospel to her village. She felt helpless to protect herself and her three young children.

Duong Mey and her husband are construction workers. Whenever they got paid, her husband would go out drinking with his friends. Then, when he came home, he would be argumentative and get violent with his wife and children. Sometimes, he didn’t come home at all. He would stay out gambling and committing adultery. Duong Mey didn’t know how to cope.

She wanted to understand the real meaning of life, so when she saw Phan Sathea preaching in the village, she squeezed into the crowd to hear. Duong Mey told him, “Today, I want to commit suicide, because in this life I have no hope at all."

Phan Sathea shared the words of Jesus from Matthew 11:28, "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." He said that the God of hope was able to fill Duong Mey with all joy and peace as she trusted in Him.

That very day, Duong Mey asked the Savior to come into her heart and take control of her life. She and the children traveled every Sunday to attend church and worship God. He changed her life from sorrow to joy. Whenever her husband was quarrelsome, she kept her patience and did not retaliate.

Eventually, her husband noticed. He commented that she seemed different than before and asked what had caused the change. She replied that Jesus Christ was teaching her daily as she read the Bible that the pastor had given her. Then, her husband asked to borrow her Bible so that he could read it as well! He began attending church with them, and the person he had been before disappeared. Now, instead of fighting, their home is filled with songs of praise to God and words of encouragement to each other!